Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate Chip Avocado Muffins

 On my quest of finding more ways of getting vegetables into my family, I started to look for a way to get them to eat avocados.  Avocados are one of the healthiest vegetables out there.  A friend once told me that if a person was to only eat one food that it should be avocados.  Avocados are high in fat, potassium, fibre and vitamins B, E and K.  I found the original recipe here.  I was a little wary because it is a vegan recipe.  Not that I am against vegans it is just I occasionally find the recipes to be lacking in sweetness which is something I love in a muffin.  Also Mike has been asking for muffins with chocolate chips and these muffins are fabulous!  I am not a huge chocolate fan but they are delicious!


    1/3 cup butter
    1/3 cup applesauce
    3 teaspoon vanilla
    1 cup sugar
    12 tablespoon ground flax seed + 1 1/3 cup water
    3 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour
    1/2 cup cocoa
    2 teaspoon baking soda
    4 teaspoon baking p1/2 tablespoon salt
    3 avocados, mashed (eat the other half in an avocado-dilla!)
    a few handfuls of chocolate chips


Preheat to 350. Cream the margarine, sugar, and vanilla together. Then add your flax, then the avocado. (I just added it straight up and let the mixer do the work) add the baking soda, baking powder, salt, flour, and cocoa powder.  You may need to add a splash of  milk depending on the texture. After all is mixed, add in your handfuls of chocolate chips. Bake for 25 minutes! Makes 10 giant muffins or 12 normal sized ones.

Serves: 24-36

Preparation time: 35 minutes (25 baking)

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  1. okay - I have a question - you say three avocados, then mention doing something with the other half of one?
    How many should I use, cause I HAVE to make these!!!

    Pam : )