Thursday, September 15, 2011


Getting close to my goal wasn't that hard after all.  I cleaned my fridge out this weekend and got rid of all the out of date items, containers with barely any left and even though it is wasteful items that I will never calorie free peanut butter.

Yes such a thing exists.  I am a bit of snob when it comes to peanut butter, I only like the highly processed, highly sugared kraft smooth peanut butter.  But seriously calorie free peanut butter is disgusting and I was terrified to even look at the label because....what could it be made of?

My challenge now is to use of 3 bottles of lime juice....

How are you doing with de-cluttering your fridge?


  1. We hardly keep any condiments in our fridge (because I don't like most of them and when we do have stuff, Alex eats it all on something) - I think there are maybe 12-15 jars and that includes jam and peanut butter. I got rid of one - some very old miso paste...

    I like to add a squirt or two of lime juice to my water (I prefer real limes, but the juice works if there aren't any limes around...) I'll try to email you a recipe for chicken with's also good with olive oil as a vinaigrette.

  2. Mojitos! lol I managed to use up the last of our relish and salsa yesterday. The day before we threw out some old horseradish spread stuff... no expiry date but I didn't trust it! lol The rest of the stuff in our fridge is mostly hot sauce, pickles and jam... I will go through again and try to clear out some more stuff :) I know there is expired salad dressings in there for sure.