Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Buy Whole Pieces of Meat

A great way to save money is to buy your meat in whole pieces.  We went to Costco and bought a 12kg inside round roast or slab thing....not sure the proper name.  It was $72 dollars and I was able to cut it into 12 roasts ranging from 1.5 - 4 lbs. 

At first I was a bit scared of cutting my own roasts but the price difference was astronomical.  For a 2-3 kg package it was $30!

So thanks to I was able to cut some nice roasts, they would have looked even nicer if I had some butcher's twine.

Now you may ask what am I going to do with 12 roasts?  Well this is where the big cook comes in.  My friend Laura and I planned out meals that can be prepared and frozen a head of time.  We made 28 meals in total, 3 whole chicken recipes, pork chops, chicken breasts and the beef roasts and a ginormous amount of borscht!

We just finished cook so I will post later the break down on the costs.

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