Monday, March 30, 2009


Last weekend we were at a family conference for families with disabilities.  We go every year to volunteer and go to some of the sessions.  My favorite part is the dance, I was really looking forward to it because I knew Ally would have a great time.  When the music started, I grabbed Ally because I wanted to have the first dance with her.  Then everyone one else came to join us.  I was so in love with my husband and the family we have created and my siblings and parents.  I was over flowing with pride and joy.  It is times like this that having more kids is what I want because I want to share our love with more kids and I think that Mike and I are great parents.  I love spending time as a family and doing things we enjoy.  I love seeing Ally having a blast and I can't wait until Zoe can participate.  I also think having a sibling is the greatest thing in the world and one of the best gifts that I will ever give my kids.  I hope that my girls have a good relationship and that they will always have eachother.  My sister and I now have that, we needed to grow into it but I am so thankful that I have her to talk to about everything, to cry too, and to be myself with.  Everyone needs a sister like that and hopefully my kids will be there for eachother.

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