Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As a mother I am continually amazed by important sleep is for me and kids.  Today was such a good day, so much better than yesterday.  I really appreciate everyone's comments on here and facebook, they really helped.  One good night and everything is better, it really amazes me.

I can go from hating myself, kids and husband one day to feeling like Mary Poppins and doing fun stuff with my kids again.  I love it!  

I have always been taught that sleep is important and I am a huge fan of naps.  Before kids, a nap was a luxurious time and one I relished.  I loved napping in the sunlight and falling asleep to birds chirping.  Now naps are vital because you never know what the night will be like.  I can fall asleep with in 2 minutes and be out.  I used to believe that a true nap had to be at least an hour, now I am happy with 20 -30 minutes.

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