Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Gluten!!!

Eeeekkkk!  For the past 10 months more or less, I have been struggling with Ally's digestion issues.  We finally got an allergy test done on her and she is allergic to soy (ironic...) and wheat.   We have been seeing a naturopath and if we eliminate soy (easy) and wheat (crazy hard) for the next couple of months it may decrease her allergy and then we can re-introduce it.  So my muffin making will be taking a hiatus until I can find some good gluten free recipes.

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  1. Hey, Melynda. I am late on catching up with your blog. Have you happened to check out this crock pot blog? Not sure if you like to use the slow cooker, but it's super easy and she has a whole category of gluten-free recipes. I know it's a pain to do a special diet, but I have a coworker who has a teenager with Celiac's who swears by the crock pot. Thought I would pass the site along: