Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have found myself again

This may not make sense but I realized that I have found myself and can now be myself and a mother....not just a mother.  I have started knitting again.....two minutes here and there and my marathon training.  I have started to be able to figure out how to do things that I am interested in that are not about the kids.  I am not sure if I am explaining it right but either way it feels good to be doing stuff for myself again.  I think this is a big step especially with Zoe being so young.  I am finding my groove and getting better at this whole mothering thing.   

I am getting excited about all my knitting ideas.  I was given some beautiful yarn from my brother and sister in law and I plan to use that up first and I found a pattern for some adorable winter hats that I hope to make for my nieces and nephew.

I would love to know enough people who knitted because it would be fun to set up a Stitch n' Bitch with some wine....  

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