Monday, April 6, 2009


Ally woke up at 6 am this morning and boy was I cranky!  Just over a month ago she was waking up at 8am or later, I really liked that.  I am crossing my fingers that today is not the beginning but just a fluke.  When we have days that I know are going to be full of whining and fighting I do my best to get out so that we avoid the problems.  For the most part it works well.  We went for a  nice long walk today and barely made it home before Ally fell asleep.  I was able to carry her in all dopey and put her down.  Unfortunately she woke up an hour in but hopefully she will go back to sleep.  Now it is time for my nap.

I am terrified of the day that she no longer naps.  I love nap time and really mourned the loss of her morning nap.  It is a nice chance for me to nap or just relax or get something done.  Well, here is hoping that she will have a good nap and better yet sleep well tonight.

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