Monday, November 23, 2009

Cake Pops

I have fallen in love with Bakerella, she is incredibly talented. I found these cake pops and thought they were just amazing. So I set out to make Monkey Pops for Zoe's birthday. I learned a few things. 1. Bakerella is even more talented than it shows on her blog. 2. Wax Paper is important 3. My imagination is way better than my actual ability. I decided to us mini oreos for the ears, a peanut butter melt for the mouth and white chocolate chips for the eyes. I had a hard time making the pop stay on the stick, and get the face items to stick. I did a couple and then showed Ally. I asked her if what it looked like and she said scary. So I just gave up. I covered the rest in chocolate and may try and use icing to decorate them. But they taste amazing!! I highly recommend trying these out and following Bakerella's blog.

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