Monday, March 16, 2009


For the last couple of weeks I have been harrassing Mike to buy me or lend me an Mp3 Player.  He couldn't find his so off to Best Buy we went.  I know...I know I am spoiled :)  

I am in love with it!  I used it tonight for my walk and it was just heavenly and made the walk go by so fast.  

Tonight I went for a walk outside down to 52 St and back.  First of all I love walking outside it is so much more enjoyable and fresh is always good.  I did realize that I am a little afraid of walking alone with my baby.  I live in the hood and for the most part it isn't a problem but tonight I walked past two drunk guys and I realized that I hadn't even thought about my safety.  The men were very cordial and said hello but the the fact that they said hello scared me more. 

I also can't wait for any sign of winter to be gone.  I was slowed down tremendously by the little icy patchs on the sidewalk.  If I wasn't carrying Zoe I wouldn't have worried but I have a nightmare about slipping and crushing her.

Back to my original topic; music.  I love music and the power it has.  There were a couple of songs that I listened to that reminded me of a time or a person.  I love how listening to ATC can bring me back to my friend Adam's 18th birthday or how Billy Jean can put back to dancing in a club in Italy with Gemma.

I used to be in a marching band and played the flute and various percussion instruments.  I really miss the band and playing music with people and the camaraderie.  Ahhh...the memories.   I remember the tension in the air before we stepped on to the field for competition and the excitement when the whole band hit the cross and line in our 1812 show.  I remember playing, 'Get ready for this' with the Calgary bands while oogling the hot drummers. Or flirting with the hot Danish men with Tracy.

As I reminisced I realized that many of my memories are over 10 years old...crazy!  And that I hope that Mike and I can help our children have such amazing memories.

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